Letters to Summer

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Hello Pen Pals! This is a bonus letter just for you, to thank you for supporting us on Patreon. In this letter, we've each chosen to try out something that the other person recommended in a past letter—because what good are recommendations if you don't give them a try? We hope you like it!

We tried

🎮 2021 Wholesome Direct

From Letter 65

I love??? game trailers and directs???? The Wholesome Direct had been on my radar, vaguely, a lot to do with some Drama that I won’t get into, but I think part of me didn’t fully put together it was an actual thing you could watch until Jill recommended it. It’s an hour of window shopping cute games to come and very soothing!


🎶 boygenius

From Letter 67

I haven’t listened to boygenius in a while, but Summer reminded me how good this EP is!!! A perfect little 20 minutes of vibes and sad girl music. My favorite will always be “Bite The Hand,” but there’s something very satisfying about Phoebe Bridgers singing I wanna be emaciated in “Me & My Dog.”