Letters to Summer

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Hello Pen Pals! This is a bonus letter just for you, to thank you for supporting us on Patreon. In this letter, we've each chosen to try out something that the other person recommended in a past letter—because what good are recommendations if you don't give them a try? We hope you like it!

We tried

🎶 Lofi video game music

From Letter 57

Ok so I normally listen to Nintendo mixes but GOD I’ve been having a horrible case of Brain Fog the last few weeks (months? years?) and this Genshin mix actually helped me Do My Job in between my past week of meetings hell. Sometimes all you need is the sounds of a video game you’ve never played before to soothe your thoughts!


🎶 Rilo Kiley 1999

From Letter 60

To be completely honest, I was scrambling around this morning trying to find something to write about for this follow-up, because I’m not very good at planning ahead for these things. So I put on this album that Summer wrote about in our latest letter and found myself humming along to songs I’ve never heard before and feeling very thoroughly comforted—and then I listened to a bunch of other Rilo Kiley songs (some I’m very familiar with and some I’m not) and kept humming while I worked and it just felt like exactly what I needed on this gloomy, rainy day. Summer said that “there is something about Jenny Lewis’s voice that just makes me feel in-tune with myself,” and she was so, so right.