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Letter 68

Letters to Summer is a newsletter written by two best friends living on opposite sides of the country. Every other Friday, we share the things we're reading, watching, listening to, and enjoying. We hope you like it.

On being tired

Sometimes we have a really hard time coming up with a topic for this section of the newsletter; today was one of those days. I joked that we should just write “on being tired” and say something to the effect of, we couldn’t think of anything, so here you go. Turns out that wasn’t a joke, and this is really what you’re getting this week. I hope that you, if you are tired like we are, can find a few small things in your life to be grateful for and happy about to get you through the day.


Sometimes you are in such a low place you can’t even feign thoughtfulness and so here we are! On being tired. I stayed up really late last night without meaning to; I generally have sleep aids but have been without them for a few days. It hadn’t really mattered since my Day to Day had been pretty physically/emotionally exhausting, but my limit came. I regretted it this morning, I regret it now; Jill and I threw a few joke topics back and forth, she raised something we think we might have already written “on” before. Who knows? There are so many little thoughts in our heads, rolling around and marinating and waiting to wake up. I could let them, after a good night’s sleep, maybe.


We recommend

🎶 Bellydancing on Wounds

This is Mohammed El-Kurd’s spoken word album where each poem is accompanied by oud played by Clarissa Bitar. I’ve been listening to it nonstop during my move and the combination of beautiful instrumentals and fucking good poetry is really just the perfect combination to help me make it through all of my mess and stress. Listen on Spotify.


🎶 Scout

New music from Samia! Summer introduced me to Samia in this very newsletter, and this morning I listened to her new EP and loved it. I especially liked the first song, As You Are (which Summer recommended in our recent bonus letter on Patreon 👀), but I’m sure I’ll be listening to all of them a lot in the next few weeks.


📖 Born in A Second Language by Akosua Zimba Afiriyie-Hwedie

I wrote a formal review of this poetry collection, but I just want to emphasize HOW MUCH I LOVED IT!!!! On my first read, I just kept snapping pictures and sending poems to people going “what the FUCK” — there was so much complexity and so much I feel unequipped to express, but wow. wow. Wow! Also Akosua is really nice and sent me sunflowers after my review went up and I just think you should all go buy this book.


📽️ Inside

I hadn’t seen Bo Burnham’s newest special on Netflix yet when I went to go see it in theaters with a friend last weekend—even though everyone I knew was talking about how good it was, it just wasn’t a priority for me! But uh. It really was very good. When I got out of the theater, I immediately started listening to the album so I could hear all the songs again. And I haven’t really stopped thinking about it since. So if you somehow haven’t watched it yet, this is your sign! Do it!