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Letter 66

Letters to Summer is a newsletter written by two best friends living on opposite sides of the country. Every other Friday, we share the things we're reading, watching, listening to, and enjoying. We hope you like it.

On Fire Emblem: Awakening

This week, we’re sharing an excerpt from some bonus content we posted on Patreon—this is from the very first letter for our Video Game Club. It’s like a book club, but for video games! For the next few weeks, the two of us will be playing Fire Emblem: Awakening at the same time and chatting about it, and we’re putting those chats on Patreon for our $2 tier Pen Pals. Sign up if you want more:

Jillian: romance!!!!

battle tactics are all about narrative and romance

not so much about winning the fight

Summer: EXACTLY !

oh my god when chrom blocks a hit for robin


Jillian: very cool and sexy of him

very husbandly

Summer: it is so funny that they make the mostly male lord characters like

so fucking dreamy

Jillian: he’s literally a prince

Summer: and yet the prodominent market for these games is cishet men ?

Jillian: GOD RIGHT

is it actually though

that seems so funny

Summer: like…sorry who did you make this prince with the cut off shirt for ???

We recommend

📺 Rutherford Falls

Another Peacock show??? NBC pay me! So this is a Mike Schur brainchild co-run by Sierra Teller Ornelas; something I find super interesting about the Filmography (TVography?) of Mike Schur is it seems like every day he is listening more to the people around him and pushing his work towards a more interesting, progressive space, maybe not just on a performative level—Rutherford Falls engages with the reality that we are living on stolen land and are actively contributing to the continued genocide of Indigenous people globally, but specifically the North Eastern US…but it’s a comedy!! All of the performances are so good, the plot is incredibly intriguing, also it made me cry; I have my nitpicks and eye-rolls, my wishes of what the show could look like if there were no white settlers to appease, but I think it’s ambitious and deserves everyone’s attention.


📺 Mystic Popup Bar

The ending of this show made me cry so hard. I don’t even know what else to say. I’ve been watching it a few nights a week with friends for the past few weeks, and the characters and their relationships with each other became such a source of comfort for me that it hurt so much for it to end!!! Haha!!! Anyway, I know I said the last k-drama I recommended was all about found family, but this one. Literally. Is all about. Literal found family. It’s goofy and tragic at the same time and I think everyone should watch it.


🎙️ Scam Goddess Podcast

I’ve been listening to Scam Goddess basically since it started and just realized I’ve never recommended it?? Laci Mosley is fucking hilarious and I definitely find the lives and intentions of scammers a far more interesting spin on the true-crime genre as opposed to like, serial killers. Find it wherever you listen to podcasts!


🍽️ Popsicles

My favorite snack lately has been these strawberry popsicles that have little bits of actual strawberries in them. They’re delicious! All popsicles are! And they make a really good treat on especially hot summer days. Get yourself a box next time you go to the grocery store.