Letters to Summer

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Hello Pen Pals! Welcome to our Video Game Club—it's like a book club, but for video games. For the next few weeks, the two of us will be playing Fire Emblem Awakening at the same time and chatting about it, and we're putting those chats here in an extra-special bonus letter just for you, to thank you for supporting us on Patreon. We hope you like it!

In this chat, we’re talking about chapters 10-20 of Fire Emblem: Awakening. There will be spoilers, so be wary!

Summer: HELLO



we are back for round 2, having played through chapter 20 of fire emblem: awakening

because i am bad at time management i played almost all of it in one weekend

so i basically was just playing fire emblem for ten hours a day for the past couple of days

Summer: how did it feel

Jillian: brain smoothing

Summer: it really is cozy!

fire emblem is cozy!

Jillian: fire emblem is a cozy game! i will die on this hill!

Summer: battles are so comforting. go figure!

Jillian: i will say i’m definitely firmly in the phase of only caring about the extra battles so i can grind for supports and stuff

that’s what i spent the majority of my time doing

Summer: yes i LOVE supports

Jillian: the “main story” or whatever is cool too i guess

Summer: every time i get back to the main storyline i’m like. OH LMAO?

Jillian: RIGHT lol

i guess we can talk about the story tho

Summer: i guess i was kind of invested in the beginning but i feel like i don’t 100% understand the conflict post time skip lol

Jillian: yeah same

Summer: sometimes i feel like wait aren’t the risen the issue here

but they’re not sdkjglksjlgk

Jillian: the risen are just there

i guess the main issue is the fell dragon is going to awaken at some point, which we know because lucina came from the future to tell us

Summer: ok KIDS

i fucking love it

it’s so ridiculous

Jillian: so now we have to……scour the earth for all the little pieces of the fire emblem so we can perform some ritual to awaken the……other dragon? the good one? and that will save everyone

Summer: okay yes

you’re right. i forget the fire emblem is real

Jillian: personally i only care about marrying people off

Summer: same i just want to see stupid supports!

Jillian: the fire emblem is indeed an actual object in this game, turns out

oh i will also take a moment of silence for basilio, who was a cool dude. wish he didn’t die rip.

Summer: RIP

that was a really good scene though

Jillian: it was! definitely one of the best so far

oh wait also robin keeps having these weird migranes

Summer: eyes emoji….

Jillian: seems like the evil dude is in her head or something, trying to get her to betray chrom possibly?

Summer: i think i know why based off of fanfiction spoilers

like i don’t know for Sure

Jillian: and as we know, in lucina’s timeline, chrom is killed by someone close to him

Summer: SPICY

i love lucina

Jillian: i think we’ve gotten different fanfiction spoilers which is funny to me

like, i also got spoiled for something i think but i don’t think it’s the same thing as you

Summer: wait sdkfjslkf we can compare post chapter 25

Jillian: ok asldkfjdks

anyway that’s all the plot i can remember happening

Summer: yeah same . we defeated the dude? walhart ?

who like. started a war….for some reason

and had really good weapons

so the last of the game will be getting the rest of the fire emblem pieces

Jillian: seems like it

Summer: ok who are your favorite characters, 10 chapters later

Jillian: lon’qu is still up there for me. say’ri is a brand new fav. also cherche. i still love cordelia, but now i also love sumia because i started actually using her.

Summer: god same i love lon’qu even more after getting some of his story

Jillian: ME TOO

i also really love stahl because he seems like a sweetie but i don’t have very many of his supports yet


Summer: YES

I LOVE HER idk why i took to her so much quickly than nowi

i love dragonstone+

Jillian: nowi is also cool but tiki is just more powerful right off the bat

Summer: i love morgan and lucina. rip to your morgan


so what happened was

there is a paralogue battle with this kid named morgan

usually in the paralogue battles you can talk to the character to recruit them

unfortunately i did not pay enough attention to morgan and he uh. died. and then i saved before i could go back and redo it. and then i found out that morgan is kind of a really important character lol.

Summer: sdifgjrlksdjfk

Jillian: so now i have to play the whole rest of the game without ROBIN’S SON. without GETTING ANY OF THAT STORY. lmao

Summer: GOD

morgan is a good kid i really like them

Jillian: i was having a good time reading the trivia on his wiki page though

i did get kjelle, tho, who is sully’s kid. and i love her.

do you have any other kids so far?

Summer: i have

a lot ok i have

noire, who is tharja’s daughter

i married her to lon’qu. they are a hilarious family

i have panne’s son, i married her to libra, i do not remember his name but he looks like a stinky teen boy

i have owain, lissa’s son and i married her to ricken. he’s like, fine

i got severa who is cordelia and frederick’s child and she’s a brat i LOVE her

that might be all of them…i think i’m gonna chill out on getting children now

Jillian: omg you have so many people married already

i just have chrobin and then sully and stahl

BUT i do have plans

Summer: after my first one i was like obsessed with getting kids

Jillian: sldkfjsdf

Summer: and then i was like. i’m not using any of you

Jillian: the kids are just for supports

Summer: exactly

cordelia as a mom rocks

Jillian: so i was going to do lon’qu and cherche, because i like that his supports with her unlocked some of his backstory

but then i saw his supports with cordelia and they made me scream

also i think i’m going to have frederick and sumia get married

Summer: i think that’s a good idea

Jillian: frankly aside from that i don’t know

because i don’t use a lot of the other men

Summer: i told you this but oh my god cordelia and frederick’s S support made me insane


Summer: like their support chain was like really cute and frankly kind of flirty

Jillian: it’s hilarious that she. doesn’t have supports with chrom. like at all.

Summer: like cordelia keeps bullying frederick to talk to her about his love life

and you’re like oh that’s classic and cute

and like, she’s sumia’s best friend and frederick is chrom’s Guy so you’re like. Yeah Makes Sense



what the hell

Summer: and i was like????????????????????????????? W WEHEN?

i thought oh bummer i should have seen maybe some of her supports with chrom before doing this i regret this this is weird. but then she and chrom don’t have supports.


like tharja is obsessed with robin

and i know this

but CORDELIA?????????

Jillian: there are sooooo many supports i need to see

also say’ri and robin’s supports. interesting.

Summer: RIGHT

Jillian: like. gay.

Summer: i wonder if they’re like that with mrobin too and they just didn’t feel like re-writing them too much

b/c. gay!

Jillian: ohhhhh i wonder

i don’t know who to pair with lissa because she’s too gay with maribelle

but i want her to get married so i can get her kid

Summer: god it’s so annoying. dragons exist why can’t people be gay

Jillian: i guess i can bring ricken out of retirement

Summer: yeah i married her to ricken because he’s the only one that looks her age

Jillian: what if i marry her to that weird farm boy

Summer: LOL

i think i read a fic where she married him and i was like hey sure

Jillian: why not i guess

he’s there

Summer: i hate that robin can S support the second gen lol

Jillian: yeah weird

don’t they have to go back to the future at some point

Summer: right? that would be so depressing

war marriage

robin and lucina’s A support is really sweet

like around those lines

Jillian: aww i can’t wait to see it

Summer: when lucina is your daughter i mean. and of course she is because why would you not marry chrom.

Jillian: i was just going to ask if the supports are different if she’s robin’s daughter vs not

Summer: i bet they are because they’re very centered on Being a Daughter

Jillian: so then i also wonder if she has different daughter supports with other moms—is robin’s special because she’s robin? or is it the same no matter who her mom’s is

Summer: do you think the kids’ support with their dad is the same regardless of who the dad is


i feel like they’re probably the same

there’s no way they’d write that many supports

Summer: right that would be so much work

Jillian: although i guess the kids’ hair colors change depending who the dad is

Summer: which is cute

Jillian: it’s soooo cute

i just wish any of the dads had fun colored hair

Summer: ugh right they’re so boring

Jillian: like, olivia’s kid should get to have pink hair

Summer: i agree…..do you use olivia

Jillian: i’ve been trying to use her in some battles to get her supports but not really

Summer: i wanna watch her supports with chrom

because he can only marry so many people….

and she is one of them…

Jillian: she’s hard to use because she really does die very easily lol

i’ve gotten one of her supports with chrom so far! but her supports are weirdly hard to get

Summer: no that makes sense

but yeah she dies super easily

Jillian: you can’t really put her anywhere an enemy can reach her but if she’s too far away she’s useless anyway

Summer: using a dancer in fe3h is so different b/c my dancers were flayn (died always) felix (king) and marianne (Strong as hell)

Jillian: olivia does technically have a sword so i guess i could try to make her a beast but

Summer: oh shit right

Jillian: so far she’s not a great unit lol

Summer: ok i think tharja is my favorite unit she’s so strong and a weirdo

Jillian: but that’s what i thought about sumia and now she’s pretty good! so anything can happen

Summer: i also love sumia

sumia cordelia and tharja


Jillian: i liked tharja right away but i haven’t been using her as much


Summer: i have a similar problem w/ getting more kids because i def use more women than men

Jillian: yeah rip

Summer: and like. why would i make sumia marry gauius. sorry he’s just not good enough for her

Jillian: it’s not our fault that the women are all cool and hot and the men are weird

hey so. who’s gauius. lol

did i miss him too

Summer: LMAO

he was like a thief early on

Jillian: oh my god lmao

Summer: who was like “i just wanna steal stuff i don’t wanna fight people”

Jillian: aw man i wish i had recruited him

i’m gonna have to play this game all over again huh

i guess that’s how fire emblem gets you

Summer: no me too sdlkjgtlkdfjds i’m kind of tempted to play on classic tbh

which isn’t a good way to get supports lol

Jillian: this game is already so hard i’m never playing on classic

i think fe:a is harder than fe3h

or maybe i’m just worse at it for some reason

Summer: i agree, not having the divine pulse…


i had to do tiki’s paralogue like four times

Summer: like i make so many stupid decisions

Jillian: me too rip

Summer: and i’m like. Why did i do that

Jillian: i need to start saving after every turn

cheater’s divine pulse

Summer: YEAH LOL

Jillian: OH also after our last chat i started letting the game auto-assign weapons and stuff before the battles and it’s so nice

i do have to keep remembering to buy vulneraries and stuff tho because sometimes i just don’t have any left and i don’t notice

Summer: IT’S GREAT i try to be a little more intentional now but it helps me actually know What i have

the game kept trying to give chrom a levin sword

Jillian: omg

Summer: and i was like. Please do not do that. Thank you.

Jillian: i love a levin sword tho

for lon’qu and say’ri especially

Summer: i give it to robin and morgan!

i promoted lon’qu to an assassin so he can do bows it’s nice

Jillian: ohhhh interesting i kept him on swords

oh are you mostly using magic or a sword for robin

Summer: robin is mostly magic but since the levin sword is powered by magic i was like O Perfect

Jillian: i actually don’t have a single bow user lol

i mean like. i have them. but i don’t use them.

Summer: yeah lon’qu is my only one lol

Jillian: also i made lissa and maribelle war monks so they can have axes

Summer: YES


Jillian: it’s so good

Summer: lissa with an axe rocks. it makes me so happy

Jillian: same!!!

half the time they don’t do any damage but it’s ok they’re having fun

Summer: my sumia is a healer and my cordelia is a magic user which is nice

Jillian: wait i should make sumia a healer what am i doing

cordelia is mostly a lance user for me but she does some magic sometimes

Summer: YEAH her magic is not as strong as her lance but

it’s great. promotion is definitely easier to understand in fe3h

Jillian: yeah way easier

but also in fe3h i’m more tempted to plan out units really strategically and here i’m like, whatever

they can do whatever they want

Summer: same

Jillian: i don’t care if i have a bow user or not

Summer: go with the flow. do what you’re supposed to

Jillian: exactly

i have so many second seals that i’ll never use

they just keep piling up

Summer: SAME

Jillian: who am i to fuck with nature like that

Summer: even in fe3h i basically. made people the class they were supposed to be.

Jillian: maybe on my second playthrough i’ll change everything up but i’m also the person who always makes felix and sylvain the exact same class every time i play fe3h

Summer: the craziest thing i did was felix dancer but thats not crazy that’s big brained

Jillian: felix SHOULD be the dancer

it just feels right imo

Summer: good story tension. he’s sword. he’s magic. perfect!

Jillian: i refuse to even make felix a brawler even though it’s one of his strengths

Summer: i wanna do a route where he’s a brawler but i think i would have to do blue lions again

which is FINE i just am doing another golden deer now, theoretically

Jillian: and at a certain point in the game i stop letting sylvain use lances altogether

i keep saying i’m going to do golden deer again and i am but also. i want to do blue lions again. i miss them so much.

Summer: i’m doing hard mode golden deer. i just need to get into the flow i’m on like. chapter 14 maybe

Jillian: i’m still on chapter 12 or 13 of black eagles

but i don’t want to play it while i’m doing fe:a

Summer: lmao rip to my abandoned church route…

Jillian: church route sounds boring sorry

Summer: i think i do wanna play fe:a again especially because in the ng+

there are………………………………more recruitable characters

Jillian: THERE’S NG+ IN FEA?


Summer: that you get through spotpass?

Jillian: OH DLC?

Summer: that’s like the wifi thing on 3ds?

so i think they’re free. need to confirm.

Jillian: ok we’re definitely going to have to figure out how that works

Summer: YEAH. can i tell you who the recruitables are

Jillian: for my second run i’m going to do so much research

i didn’t want to look anything up before i started it because i wanted to avoid spoilers as much as possible

Summer: i found out when i was trying to see if i could be gay

Jillian: but next time i play it i’m going to be so strategic about getting the best supports and stuff

i wonder if you can unlock supports and skill levels in ng+ like you can in fe3h

Summer: ugh i wish

Jillian: i guess we’ll find out

Summer: but yeah i wanna figure out how it works because….i want these characters lol

i love awakening!

Jillian: same that sounds fun

me too!

i’m having a lot of fun playing on the 3ds again

although it does hurt my hands

Summer: ME TOO. i think i’m going to get the other one on the 3ds that’s not fates but the remake of an older title

lol i have an ergo grip that i do not use

Jillian: i actually want to play fates

i follow some people who like it even though everyone else says it’s trash

and i’m curious

Summer: SAME it’s just three game cards

Jillian: omg what

Summer: yeah

Jillian: wild

Summer: they split it into three

for some reason

Jillian: ok weird

Summer: it’s kind of confusing. which is why i picked awakening LOL

Jillian: i’m just going to download it from the internet anyway

Summer: i wanna play the gamecube one with ike

Jillian: YEAH same

Summer: Understand Super Smash Brothers

Jillian: eventually i will play every fire emblem game

this is my mission


Jillian: we can do it

Summer: we just gotta go 5 more chapters

for awakening

Jillian: wait is that all that’s left

Summer: i think so

Jillian: UM

Summer: I KNOW

Jillian: ok i need to marry everyone asap

Summer: i feel like there’s so much story.

Jillian: i thought i had way more time

Summer: but. ! oh well

just get a bunch of the risen boxes

Jillian: i’m about to start buying those little boxes that summon risen


Jillian: KLSDjgskdlf yeah

i’m so glad those exist

i haven’t used one yet but i’m gonna buy the whole supply

i guess if you can buy infinite amounts of them you could theoretically just do that for sooooo many battles and literally unlock every support

Summer: YEAH….the patience

Jillian: i’m NOT thinking about it

i’m not

Summer: god that would be dedication

i’m just telling myself. we are not Meant to get every support.

Jillian: the thing is there are so many characters i truly do not care about

Summer: The Game Wants You To Replay. And Get The Kids. In Different Replays.

no same i do not care about donnell!!!!!!!!!!

Jillian: We Are Not Meant To Have All The Kids At Once

We Would Be Too Powerful

fuck donnel i didn’t even want to recruit him

same with ricken no offense but nobody invited you

Summer: ricken is a baby he needs to go home

UGH the thing about the kids is that THEY ALSO ALL HAVE SUPPORTS WITH EACH OTHER

Jillian: I KNOW

and i need to see them


god i need someone to tell me what to ship

Jillian: same

Summer: i am not a free thinker

Jillian: it’s so hard to have to discover things for yourself

i’m a little gamefaqs walkthrough baby i need someone to hold my hand and tell me what to do

Summer: exactly

Jillian: sigh


any last thoughts before we play the rest of fe:a?

Summer: i love my daughter lucina

Jillian: me too she’s so good

Summer: i want to main her in smash

Jillian: ME TOO

this has really just made me want to play more smash

now that i know who more of the characters are

and fire emblem heroes

Summer: YES

Jillian: let’s play smash together when we finish this game

Summer: YEAH

do a little fire emblem tournament

Jillian: yessss


Summer: 😄