Letters to Summer

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Hello Pen Pals! This is a bonus letter with a few extra-special recommendations just for you, to thank you for supporting us on Patreon. This month's Patreon proceeds will go to The Okra Project.

We recommend

🍽️ Sohla’s Food52 Column

Friendship ended with Bon Appetit, Sohla is my only best friend now! Every few weeks, more comes out about how outright terrible the BA test kitchen was towards people of color, and every few weeks I feel more and more nauseous for giving them so much of my time. The good news, though, is that Sohla is still working, and in fact seems to be thriving. I was planning on making chicken and rice the other day, anyway, but was a little stressed by what exactly I wanted to do; coincidentally, Sohla posted her first Food52 column on one-skillet chicken and rice. I did something more similar to the “paella” version but added mushrooms and carrots & peas, since that’s what I had, and instead of bell peppers put ginger and tumeric in the aromatic paste. It was so good! I trust all of her recipes and this meal was so good!


📱 Pomodoro technique

I’m having an even harder time than usual focusing on work now that I’m home all the time and my brain is full of fog, which I think is probably the case for a lot of people? And hopefully not just me? Anyway, using the pomodoro technique has been helpful for me lately. The idea is you set a timer and work for 25 minutes, then take a break for 5 minutes. After you’ve done that four times, you take a longer break before starting over again. Pomofocus.io is a good browser tool to help you stay on track, and I really like using the Flow Mac app, but a good old fashioned timer works just as well.