Letters to Summer

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Hello Pen Pals! This is a bonus letter with a few extra-special recommendations just for you, to thank you for supporting us on Patreon. This month's Patreon proceeds will go to Arab Resource & Organizing Center.

We recommend

🎮 Metroid Dread

My brother got this game and it’s so fun but also pretty hard! It’s so pretty and fluid and I am so excited to see the Metroid franchise kick off again.


💡 Alt accounts

(If I’ve already recommended this, do not @ me. It’s worth repeating!) Having private accounts on social media that are just for my closest, closest internet friends is so crucial for me—I need to have a place to go where I can scream into the void, or work through complicated feelings, or just shitpost about video game characters in private, with people I trust. Everyone should have that! Not every messy thought needs to be tweeted out to the entire world. I promise the validation of a small group of friends is more fulfilling and healing than the validation of a bunch of strangers (plus it’s way less embarrassing). Literally go make a private alt if you haven’t already. Follow like & subscribe for more tips on how to use Twitter without instantly getting a headache from the hellishness of it all!!!!!