Letters to Summer

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Hello Pen Pals! This is a bonus letter just for you, to thank you for supporting us on Patreon. In this one, we're talking about snacks. We hope you like it!


Welcome to SNACK CHAT


honestly i kind of can’t believe we haven’t done a chat about snacks yet

Summer: I know!!!

Jillian: it makes so much sense

Summer: I feel like I’ve become much more snacky since the pandemic too

Jillian: i have always been a very snacky person

i grew up with lots of snacks in the house always, so i don’t really know how to Not have a snack while i watch tv at night

Summer: that makes sense!!! i definitely was the opposite. the Traditional Palestinian Table is basically generally a Large Collection of Dishes so a lot of things that people consider a post-meal or pre-meal snack are just Part of the Meal? my family did get super into doing our own popcorn seasonings for a while though

Jillian: ooooh homemade popcorn seasonings are good

Summer: we had a fancy glass thing you put the kernals in for the microwave and i broke it twice so we stopped buying it LOL

Jillian: my mom always used to do powdered parmesan cheese + onion powder on popcorn and it’s delicious

Summer: oh fuck yeah

Jillian: i generally like a cheesy popcorn more than a buttered popcorn, although both are great

Summer: me too, i love a good powdered cheese that makes my fingers all orange

i love the styrofoam texture of popcorn more than the crispy texture of normal cheetos so it’s a best of both worlds

Jillian: i also don’t have a microwave so i’ve tried to get in the habit of popping it on the stove

Summer: omg you don’t have a microwave! we never use ours anymore tbh. i like reheating stuff in a skillet more

Jillian: when i moved into this apartment a few months ago, i didn’t take my microwave & i figured i’d get a new one at some point but i’ve just been trying to see how long i can last without one

and honestly there have been a few times when i really wished i had one to reheat certain dishes, or to make microwave meals or something

but for the most part it’s been fine

Summer: ooooo ok yeah

ok what do u define as a Snack

Jillian: really most things can be a snack, it just kind of depends on how & why you’re eating it i think

like, a snack is something you eat between meals usually

something you eat just for fun

something you eat casually

but also something like popcorn is still a snack even if you’re eating an entire bag for dinner because depression

Summer: yup!

Jillian: i think i wrote about this in snax

the first essay in it is called “what makes a snack a snack”

Summer: right!

Jillian: ok so here’s what i wrote: “Not everything can be a snack, of course. It’s hard to refer to a Sweetgreen salad as a “snack,” no matter how much I want to. The word suggests size (easy to eat by the handful, doesn’t fill you up), flavor (either extra-salty or extra-sweet), and style of consumption (quick, in between one thing and the next; or lazy, while watching TV). A snack depends on context, the same way a meal does.”

Summer: this rocks but also im thinking of the funniest image of just shoving a handful of greens in your mouth as a snack

Jillian: i think honestly that counts!!!

my feelings have changed slightly since i wrote this

Summer: i definitely depression ate a bag of spinach with just olive oil and salt before

Jillian: i still mostly agree but i don’t think flavor matters really

a little bowl of soup can be a snack

Summer: yeah!!! i had a little bowl of salad as a snack last night actually

Jillian: i also wrote: “A snack doesn’t have to be contained to one category, or one aisle in the grocery store. A snack isn’t just a food product, something you eat when you’re hungry—a snack is a mood, a feeling, a time and place. A snack is a transition from one thing to the next, a liminal space between lunch and dinner, between being out and arriving home, between episode one and episode two. Snacking is a universal experience that can’t be summarized by a neat category, no matter how much you try to.”

which i stand by 100%

Summer: it was tomato cucumber red onion and olive salad

Jillian: that does sound like a nice lil snack

i had shrimp chips last night

Summer: shrimp chips!!!!

i also had a bowl of grapes after i kind of had like a series of snacks for dinner

Jillian: soooo good

i feel like i need a little sauce to dip them in

Summer: i think grapes are one of my favorite snacks

Jillian: some kind of spicy mayo situation maybe

Summer: so cold and small


Jillian: i’m not really into grapes to be honest

Summer: oooooo do you like to snack on other fruit

Jillian: yes! fruitwise i really love blackberries, raspberries, pineapple, any kind of melon


Summer: strawberries!!!! the strawberries this season have been ridiculously good i’ve been indulging so much

Jillian: i’m so happy it’s strawberry season finally

Summer: i’m so happy it’s FIG SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on week two of getting to eat figs after 0 in 2020

i am alive

Jillian: i also just got some lychees which i have never tried before!!! but i love lychee flavored things so i’m excited

Summer: oh i love lychee !!! they’re an interesting texture n taste sooooo good

Jillian: and i have a little baby watermelon sitting in my fridge

fruit is such a good snack especially in summer

Summer: fruit is one of my favorite things to snack on in general i think ? b/c it’s hydrating

Jillian: it does make me feel Good about snacking

Summer: yes! i was so dehydrated yesterday lol and i couldn’t drink enough water to catch up but the grapes helped

Jillian: not that i like to feel a lot of guilt about snacking in general because snacks do make me happy no matter what they are but eating fruit does make me feel better than eating a bag of chips i guess


Summer: yeah same. i also feel like i can portion myself better with fruits than chips because there isn’t the secret additive that is making u eat it LOL

however i do love chips. sour cream cheddar ruffles. king shit

Jillian: my recent thing that our friend selena taught me is putting snacks in little bowls to eat them out of. instead of just eating straight out of the bag or whatever. it’s more work but it’s so cute and it makes me feel like the snack is an event instead of something i’m just doing passively!

Summer: omg

yes i do that too

it’s cleaner too less chance to cross contaminate

Jillian: yes very true

what’s a snack that you loved growing up that you maybe don’t eat as much anymore

OR alternatively a snack you have loved your whole life that you still eat a lot of

Summer: OH i used to get chocolate pretzels all of the time in undergrad but i don’t anymore????

Jillian: oh i love chocolate pretzels!!!!

i don’t eat them very often either but they’re always soooo good

kind of a perfect snack

Summer: YES it does everything…salty…sweet…crunch

i’ve been eating carrots a lot as a snack lately, the crunch is just so satisfying

Jillian: crunchy snacks are good

Summer: what about you what’s a snack that’s sustained you

Jillian: i forget what they’re called but one of my favorite snacks is these little rice cakes wrapped in seaweed

very crunchy and salty and good

Summer: o fuck that sounds so good

Jillian: a couple of snacks that i went through huge phases with and don’t eat much anymore are all dressed ruffles, which are SO fantastic but hard to find here; and sour patch watermelon which i ate a scary amount of when i first moved to new york and eventually got bored of

but snacks that i have loved basically my whole life: GOLDFISH CRACKERS. i love those lil guys. especially the flavor blasted ones but the regular ones are S tier also.

and: hint of lime tostitos. i ate them all the time at home and i still love them. just a big bag of chippies.

Summer: HINT OF LIME TOSTITOS!!! god tier!!!

Jillian: they’re sooooo good

Summer: i had them at a friends house the other day and was just like Fuck right these are So Good

i’ve been having chips and salsa a lot lately which is a very phase-based snackie

Jillian: there are a lot of other brands of lime chips at bodegas here but the tostitos ones are just the best unfortunately

Summer: i do the corn chip scoopers from trader joes….so satisfying

Jillian: i also go through phases with chips and salsa

although i do tend to treat it as more of a meal than a snack for some reason

the salsa makes it feel like more of an occasion to me i guess

Summer: i can see that

i think part of snacks is the messiness factor for me

Jillian: ooooh yeah

ok i’ve gotten myself a bowl of those rice crackers wrapped in seaweed

Summer: omg perfect

Jillian: and also a sanzo sparkling water which i’m into lately

Summer: ugh i love sparkling water now i do not know what changed in me

sometimes soda feels like a snack

Jillian: soda is definitely snack-adjacent

i like to call any non-water or non-caffeinated beverages “fun drinks”

so soda is a fun drink

sparkling water is a fun drink

Summer: YEAH

Jillian: juice or kombucha is a fun drink

Summer: this makes sense to me. honestly i used to just drink coffee and water and tea but again, the pandemic has changed me

i get ginger ale or flavored sparkling water more often

and crave milkshakes lmao


so good

you’ve been kinda into the five guys milkshakes recently

Summer: YEAH mostly because our friend selena put the idea in my head and i am one of those people who sees a pizza on tv and is like “i need pizza”

Jillian: absolutely

i also got a five guys milkshake last week because of you both, so

Summer: but there was one night when i was at my apartment in oakland when hazem and i ordered milkshakes from five guys at like 9pm and it was just so NICE and FUN

HELL YEAh it’s just so good!

Jillian: i really like the oreo one

Summer: their ice cream is good and i am never going to buy malt powder

so like. if that’s what i want….

i made my own milkshake yesterday and it was good but my ratios were off….they are a very particular craving though

Jillian: my grandpop used to make us chocolate and vanilla milkshakes every summer when we went down the shore for a week with family

Summer: WOW

Jillian: but other than that i’ve never made a milkshake myself

Summer: i am definitely more versed in smoothie making

which are also a snack

Jillian: although i will say i’ve been on a quest to make taro milk tea at home which i think is kind of a similar struggle of getting ratios right

i finally got some taro powder and a boba kit

my first attempt was not great but i have hope that i’ll get there someday

Summer: yeah i think the problem w/ milkshakes is if you accidentally put too much milk (at least for me) i’m like i actually really do not want to put another scoop of ice cream because i will feel sick and so it’s just kind of a loose milkshake

Jillian: ah yeah

Summer: but with smoothies it’s always fine to add more frozen fruit as long as you have it

i bet with milk tea the ratios are difficult to master

Jillian: smoothies are good i wish i ate (drank?) more smoothies

yeah i truly have no idea what the ratio is supposed to be

i’ll let you know if i ever master it tho

Summer: now i want taro wow

Jillian: taro is soooo good

i also just got like. actual taro. and i want to make taro fries with it.


Jillian: i have no idea how that will go but i think it’ll be fun to try

Summer: yes! i love making baked fries

Jillian: mmmmmm

fries are good

i’m thinking, again, of five guys

Summer: five guys…they’re really good at it

i never was someone who dipped my fry in my milkshake

Jillian: fries in milkshake is such a classic

wow am i gonna order five guys tonight

i shouldn’t……unless……?

Summer: 👀

Jillian: we’ll see

i might

what snacks will you have tonight?

Summer: my friend sent me FUDGE for my birthday so that is definitely on the list

Jillian: wow!!!!!

that’s such a good one

Summer: it’s so sweet and little and satisfying. perfect. maybe some pretzels with it too

what about you (to accompany your pre-five guys dinner)

Jillian: hmmm i will probably have some more shrimp chips, although i don’t have any spicy mayo to accompany them

but also i’d like to try a few lychees at some point today

Summer: maybe at the same time…

Jillian: ohhhh maybe

Summer: any last snack thoughts

Jillian: just that i love them

snacks are good


and i am hungry

Jillian: i am also hungry lsdjfsdk

it’s lunchtime i think

Summer: perfect

Jillian: enjoy ur snacks!!!!

Summer: see u in the other tab!

Jillian: bye friend!