Letters to Summer

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Hello Pen Pals! This is a bonus letter just for you, to thank you for supporting us on Patreon. In this one, we're talking about Carly Rae Jepsen. We hope you like it!

Summer: Hello!

Jillian: hi!!!

are we ready

Summer: yeSSS let’s goooo

welcome to carly rae jepsen chat

yes she is my soundtrack rn

Jillian: yay ok talk to me about crj

Summer: so i actually didn’t get into her until late 2019

i think i actually listened to emotion for the first time in like…july of that year?

but i listened to her enough that she was on my spotify roundup in my top 5 LMAO

Jillian: lgkhdfjlksd

carly rae jepsen is always one of my top artists on spotify which is funny to me because i feel like i don’t even listen to a lot of crj music most of the time

it’s just that i go through phases every year where i listen to a lot of crj and nothing else for like, two weeks

i also don’t know how to make a playlist without at least one crj song on it

Summer: what’s so appealing to me about her is like

ok i am a SAD GIRL

it is part of who i am

but her music is HAPPY and appeals to the pleasure centers in my brain the same way fanfiction does

Jillian: yes!!!

Summer: EMOTION feels like you could make an anthology romcom series from each song’s plot

how can you not just completely give yourself over to it!!!

Jillian: right!!!!!! it’s so fun!!!!!!

i think i started listening to crj around the time when EMOTION came out

and since then i have been very deeply into everything she’s released

but to be honest i haven’t really listened to any of her pre-EMOTION stuff

Summer: oh same

Jillian: i know a few of the songs on kiss but i don’t think i’ve ever listened to tug of war

and like, i should? i know i should

Summer: same. and like. i think EMOTION is honestly a perfect album

Jillian: it is

Summer: so even though everything else she’s released since then has been AMAZING

i’m still like….she really did the gold standard

Jillian: and i revisit EMOTION (and side b) from time to time

but whenever she releases a new album i’m like, oh THIS one is my favorite

Summer: hahaha

Jillian: so as much as i do still really like the songs on EMOTION, if i had to pick one album to listen to on repeat right now it would be dedicated side b

Summer: what’s your favorite song from it?

Jillian: felt this way


i’ve listened to it a billion times

Summer: i feel like i listen to let’s sort the whole thing out the most ????

is it on one of the playlists you’ve made??

why is that in my head

Jillian: felt this way was my top song in 2020

Summer: omg cuuuute

Jillian: let’s sort the whole thing out is on one of my playlists!

Summer: OKAY that’s why then

Jillian: but felt this way is on another one

Summer: i’m listening to it right now and it’s just making me GIDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jillian: it’s impossible not to want to dance and sing to both of those songs

Summer: okay dedicated side b does rock actually i think i like it better than dedicated

YES! did you see her in concert?

Jillian: i really liked dedicated too!!! like, so much!!!! but i always love her side b albums


i went to her most recent concert in nyc with a few friends and it was amazing

just a huge room full of people with glitter on their faces dancing for hours

Summer: i think hazem was at that concert lol

Jillian: omg really! that’s funny

Summer: SO CUTE god i wanna go to one but idk if i’ll ever feel brave enough to Concert again

Jillian: yeah, i hope someday

i would love to go to another crj concert for sure

Summer: maybe i can throw a private crj listening party whenever her next album drops

Jillian: yessss i love that idea

it was probably the most fun concert experience i’ve ever had lol

Summer: ughhh i love that

i think CRJ is so interesting because like

call me maybe was a meme

and then she like. embraced the meme with the music video

which was so cute? like how good-natured?

Jillian: right!

Summer: and then emotion dropped and she’s like. i mean the hanif abdurraqib essay on her…that’s ART baby

Jillian: and i’m sure for a lot of people crj is still just the call me maybe girl

but she’s made so much good music since then

Summer: YEAH i bet. i think i assumed people were being ironic when they first talked about how fucking good her work is

Jillian: klsdhgsjdlfsd yeah

but it really is! very good!

Summer: i was like okay i get it we love white pop girls

BUT NO. she is actually special

Jillian: people smarter & better than me at writing about music have probably articulated really well what makes crj different from other pop music

but for me it’s just kind of a gut feeling

i love pop music a lot! i like to listen to music that is just fun and makes me want to dance

but there is something about crj that makes her my favorite and i don’t really know what it is, but it’s there

Summer: for me it really is the narrative i think. i really love ariana grande for example

Jillian: me too!

Summer: but i also listened to her while i was like, writing my thesis because you can so easily tune out what she’s saying aksjfklsjfds

if u want to participate in whatever narrative she’s offering you can? but it’s mostly vibes

and i think with CRJ there’s far more…transportation….into whatever little world her songs are making

Jillian: crj songs really do have a whole little fantasy world in them don’t they

Summer: yes!!!!

i think i really like you is my favorite song

Jillian: i love that song so much

Summer: it has such sweet yearning and it’s so JOYFUL in possibility

Jillian: oh man it really does capture the feeling of LIKING someone so much, it’s great

Summer: YES and like. as a generally anxious person i think i always feel some sort of doom when i like someone lmao

so the unadulterated JOY that song carries…it’s so? ? WONDERFUL????

Jillian: a lot of songs about having a crush or whatever are very full of yearning in like, a sad sweet painful way lol

it’s nice that this one is just super happy and fun to listen to

Summer: yes!!!! exactly

ok also the other song i really love is Store LMAO

back in the days when i actually went to a grocery store by myself via public transit


Summer: i literally would have it on repeat

over and over over. I’m just going to the store to the store i’m just going to the store

Jillian: like, she’s literally going to the store

it’s a song about going to the store

and also about ghosting some guy i guess but IT’S A SONG ABOUT GOING TO THE STORE


and so am I !!!!!

it kind of feels like the ultimate shower thoughts song

because it’s like “going to the store going to the store oh man there’s some conflict in my life huh ok well store store store”

Jillian: aren’t we all just going to the store

Summer: GOD I WISH

i want to dissociate staring at vegetables once again

i yearn for it

Jillian: just yesterday i went to the store for cat food

Summer: does juniper like crj

Jillian: hm idk let’s find out

Summer: thank you a vital experiment

Jillian: i’m playing want you in my room for her

Summer: sdklfjdskljfksd so cute

Jillian: she is purring but that might just be because she’s sitting in my lap

Summer: very sweet regardless

ok wait what are your top 3 songs

Jillian: THAT’S HARD let me think

i think……..in no particular order……..

felt this way, your type, and real love

picking the third one was hard though, there are so many songs that i love

what are yours

Summer: ok so i think. i really like you, store, and gimmie love. but i also feel like if i just start listening to emotion era-onwards i’ll be like “actually this is my favorite song”

Jillian: i love all of those songs too it’s impossible to pick favorites

like how could i leave out party for one. how could i leave out favourite colour.

how could i leave out cut to the feeling, a song i listened to nonstop for weeks when it came out


do you know anything about her personality or influences? i dont actually think i’ve watched any interviews

i wonder like. what’s her process

where does it all come from

Jillian: i think i’ve read some things and looked at a few genius annotations but to be honest i don’t really know that much about her

which i kinda like?

Summer: honestly same

like good for her?

Jillian: there are a lot of pop stars that i know too much about, and i always want to know what their songs are about and stuff

and with crj it’s like. idk i don’t care? i guess?

Summer: truthfully i feel like i know more about pop stars i do not listen to

like i know so much about dua lipa

Jillian: i’m content to just listen to her music when it comes out and leave it at that, because i get so much out of it already

Summer: i can’t tell you a single one of her songs

i’m sure they’re fun! but like. why do i know so much

Jillian: i don’t know anything about dua lipa but her last album was great

Summer: ok so actually i know so much because she is muslim and dating anwar hadid and pro palestine but REGARDLESS

crj? i don’t even know what part of the country she’s from

i like it

a little mystery

wait CRJ is canadian

i just remembered this

wait no

ok see

just music no personal details

Jillian: i guess as an example, i really like taylor swift and ariana grande. and i love their music as it is BUT it’s also so much more fun when you can listen to it and speculate about their personal lives.

and with crj i really don’t care what or who any of her songs are about

Summer: same

i want them to carry me as a soundtrack as i pretend to be in a romcom

Jillian: exactly!

Summer: they are incredible chopping onions music

Jillian: i mean the great thing about pop music is being able to project your own feelings into a song

Summer: yes…party escapism

Jillian: it’s fun! we love it!

everyone listen to EMOTION

Summer: yes!!!!

any other concluding thoughts

Jillian: and EMOTION side b and dedicated and dedicated side b

Summer: might fuck around and listen to some early career work….

Jillian: woah maybe i will too

ok today’s homework for us is to listen to tug of war

Summer: perfect

Jillian: yayyyyy thanks for talking about crj with me’

Summer: this was fun i love her im gonna listen to her all day

Jillian: ME TOO