Letter 83

March 11, 2022

On tea

There is an old Tumblr post I think about a lot that says “sometimes making tea is less about drinking it and more ab it keeping you company.” Every morning, I make a cup of tea—sometimes hot black tea, sometimes matcha, sometimes an iced chai—and it keeps me company whenever I need it. In the morning to start my day, in the afternoon when I need a boost, at night while I get ready for bed. It is a constant friend in my life and I’m grateful for it.


Leila Chatti has this really wonderful poem titled “Tea,” that has the line “in my hands I hold / a warmth I make.” I think this really gets at the core of my relationship to tea—I drink it in the middle of the day when I need something comforting, drink it with breakfast when I am with my family, drink it when I am feeling any kind of under the weather and can’t handle coffee. I’m trying to get the energy to make a second cup, right now—I need to be warm!


We recommend

📖 Customs by Solmaz Sharif

I reviewed this book! My first review this year, and probably one of my only—I wanted to take a step back from reviewing since I did it really ravenously last year, but the promise of getting to read one of my most-anticipated books a few months early…I couldn’t stand to wait, honestly. It was incredible, as expected, I’ve re-read it so many times already and god. Solmaz Sharif, greatest of all time. Check it out.


🎮 Spiritfarer

I have been playing this game extremely slowly—just enjoying the pretty skies and my endless little to-do list of giving hugs, catching fish, and visiting new islands. This week, I finally got to help one of the spirits I’ve been traveling with pass through the Everdoor, and it was so sad and beautiful and sweet. I’m in no rush to finish the game, because I like taking it slow and I like that it’s there for me when I need it, but I am very excited to meet and help new characters.


🍽 Brown Butter Miso Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have been craving chocolate chip cookies lately and also am now on TikTok (lol), and I got a few videos of people making these cookies. I ended up using this recipe, and HOLY shit dude they are SOOOOOOO yummy. The miso and browned butter were a little difficult to combine and I ended up having to chill the mixture until it became semi-solid again to properly mix, but after that there were no hitches! I would use a little less chocolate than is called for, too, but god. I ate so many the first night. There’s one left. I’m going to make more tomorrow and forever.


🍽 The Qi

I think this might be the world’s prettiest tea. The Qi sells whole flowers—my favorite is the rose—that you can brew into a very nice herbal tea. It feels luxurious, like a little treat for myself. And it’s especially good right before bed when I want a warm, yummy drink.