Letter 7

February 14, 2019

Notes from Summer: It’s halfway through February, which means the deadline for my poetry slam team to raise money for our crowdfunder is almost here! Please, please donate. We wanna do poems in Houston. Also, I was on TWO PODCASTS! Listen here and here. I love to talk!

Notes from Jillian: Happy Valentine’s Day! This time last year I was watching Gone Girl alone in my bed that I was subletting from a stranger in Crown Heights. Honestly? It was great. Hope you’re all being nice to yourselves today.

We recommend…

🎶 Panic! At the Disco Live In Chicago

Okay, I know it’s 2019 and this is a ridiculous recommendation, but I still love Panic! just as much as I did eleven years ago. I was revisiting this live album and thinking about how sad I am I never got to see them in concert, and how sad I am that Brendon Urie will be in Oakland soon but I also won’t get to see him. But it’s okay! I can listen to Pretty. Odd. and cry just the same. You can listen to it on Spotify.


🎶 Kacey Musgraves

I shouldn’t even have to make this recommendation!!!!!! I’m sure you all know this by now!!!! Anyway, I didn’t watch the Grammys, but they were right about Kacey Musgraves. Her album Golden Hour has brought me so much joy this year. I return to it again and again, and it’s always just as good as the first time I heard it.


📺 One Day at a Time

I love comedy that makes me cry! The [third season] came out about a week ago and I, for once, didn’t binge the entire thing in an evening. I gave it a few days, drawing out my tears across many 1AMs. God bless a truly updated sitcom. Comedy grounded in love. Cheesey, episodic lessons with nuanced takes on shit that hurts. The episode about anxiety attacks fucked me up in particular–I won’t do too many spoilers but it’s really nice to see parents commiserating with their children about mental illness.


✉️ Griefbacon

I truly can’t believe it’s taken me this long to talk about Griefbacon. What is wrong with me? Griefbacon is the best newsletter on the internet (aside from this one, duh). I’ve been subscribed since the very beginning, and I still get excited when a new letter lands in my inbox. Helena is a gorgeous writer, and her words have made me cry on more than one occasion, which is really the highest praise I can give anything. The free version of Griefbacon is great, but if you can spare $5/month, it’s well worth signing up for the paid subscription.