Letter 69

August 12, 2021

On cats

Earlier this year, I adopted a very sweet, cuddly cat named Juniper. She is a big fan of head scratches, napping in my lap, and getting food all over the floor when she eats. She is really good at keeping me awake late at night when she wants attention and waking me up nice and early when she wants to be fed. She is my favorite and I love her a lot! I’ve never had a cat before, and I spent a lot of time wishing I had one before I was finally in the right place in my life—and now I’m so happy. It’s kinda cool and weird to know that there’s a little creature waiting for you at home and depending on you, a little friend who loves you as much as you love them. Sometimes I see her walking around my apartment and I’m like, who are you? How did you get in here? And other times I interupt her nap to give her one million kisses on her tiny head and ask her if I’m her best friend. So we have a pretty good thing going.


I opened the door to my apartment earlier to go grab food and there was a little cat standing in front of it. Since moving into my new place, I’ve seen this cat basking in the sun right under our window, hanging out by the dumpster, or crossing the street into a neighborhing home’s drive way. She’s a sweet little calico and I pet her when I see her, try to play if I can, and leave once she tries to scratch or bite. We’ve got a good little thing going on. Today, she wanted to Be In The Apartment, so we let her walk around and explore for a bit. She is sitting right outside our door now, guarding. I’ve always really loved cats but also always been allergic. In the times I’ve been fortunate enough to take care of one for an extended period of time, it’s been a balance of oh-my-god-i-love-this-creature-more-than-anything and fuck-my-chest-hurts! It sucks to love something that is kind of ? not great for your health? But there’s a lot of care that goes into it, too—cleaning the space more often, making sure the cat is brushed more often, etc etc; little things to care for myself while I care for a little cat. It’s good.


We recommend

🎮 Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

Another Ace Attorney game! After recommending the first trilogy back in January, I’ve only grown more feral towards franchise; I played 4-6 on 3DS and have been making my way through AA: Investigations, but two weeks ago some friends bought me GAA and it’s….SO GOOD! It’s so good. There are so many silly, creative mechanics that differentiate it from the mainline AA games but still let it have the similar charm—good character writing, VERY FUNNY, and great, convoluted cases. Also some good screenshottable-moments for reaction pics. I love it SO MUCH. Play it on Switch and other systems!


🎶 Positions

Shocked and appalled to learn that we have not recommended this album yet somehow, even though Summer and I both love Ariana Grande!!! I gave Positions + thank u, next + Sweetener a relisten last night and it put me in the best mood. It’s actually impossible for me to pick a favorite song from a whole batch of perfect songs, but the one that is currently stuck in my head is six thirty.


📽️ Luca

I can’t believe I haven’t recommended this yet! I’ve only watched like, 7 movies this year, as opposed to the clean 100 I did in 2020 but LUCA WAS ONE OF THEM! This movie was so fucking gorgeous, I am so sad it isn’t getting a theatrical release. It’s got a sweet story (gay) and just made me feel really good! Watch it on Disney+.


🎮 Tears of Themis

Okay, it happened. I downloaded another Mihoyo gacha game. And I love it. Tears of Themis is a detective-slash-lawyer-slash-otome game where you play as an attorney and investigate murders and stuff, while also getting to know four hot guys that you work with. It’s like Ace Attorney, if Ace Attorney was a dating sim with microtransactions—and I can’t stop playing it!