Letter 21

August 29, 2019

Notes from Summer: Hello friends! August is almost over and I am exhausted. I almost never want to socialize ever again but boy if there’s anything I am sure of, it’s that I am an introvert.

Notes from Jillian: I have a few exciting things coming up! The first is that SNAX, a zine about snacks that I’ve been working on for close to two years, is finally being printed and will be available to buy very, very soon. The second is that I’m going to be at XOXO next week! Say hi if you see me.

We recommend…

🍽️ Chris Morocco Recreates Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington

As you may know, we’re big Bon Appetit fans on this newsletter. The relatively new series where Chris recreates things is actually my favorite (behind Claire, of course) and I realized more than once a week I get emotional about how wonderful it is to watch someone who is so technically skilled but is also an angel of a person. One time I read a YouTube comment that said Chris is the dream educator (kind and critical in a productive way), someone who reinvigorates you when things are difficult—this was in reference to his appearances on Gourmet Makes, but it sort of applies to his entire BA presence. I’m not in school anymore, which means I don’t have educators constantly letting me down anymore. I’ve just got Chris Morocco being really fucking cool and being able to tell that a piece of beef was seared before being baked in the oven just by touching it, and that’s truly the level of observation I want to carry with me in all things. Watch the episode here.


🎉 Anxiety Tech

Last week, I went to a one-day conference called AnxietyTech that had talks and workshops covering all kinds of topics relating to mental health, mental illness, and self care in the tech industry—and I loved it. The bottom line is: we need to get better at how we approach and talk about mental health online, in our personal relationships, at work, and with ourselves. Step one is starting the conversation, and that’s what AnxietyTech is all about. I’m definitely going again next year, and I fully endorse checking it out. Maybe I’ll see you there?


🎮 Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Yes I AM recommending one of the most popular video games currently out! I definitely have been doing other things! In case you are nervous about RPGs like I was, let me tell you: the actual battle gameplay in this game is streamlined to your tastes. If you like high strategy and risking the lives of your in-game team (terrible), you can do that. If you just like to have fun and treat fighting as an intermission to plot (cool), you can do that too. I described this game to my brother as an anime where the commercial breaks are chess, and honestly? It’s the best. The storylines are beautiful and complicated and all of the character designs are so lovely. Don’t get spoiled if you can. Play it on the Switch!


💬 Glamorous habits

Twitter is mostly bad, but Twitter threads like this one are extremely good. Rachel Syme asked people to share their “most glamorous hobby/trait/habit” and the replies are wonderful. It made me think a lot about the small ways we can take care of ourselves and make ourselves feel good, beyond the basics. (If you’re wondering, my most glamorous habit is lighting a candle every morning while I get ready to go to work.)