Letter 12

April 25, 2019

Notes from Summer: I’m literally losing it. But I have a website now! Thank you, Jillo, I love you!

Notes from Jillian: A few cool things I’ve been working on came out this week—Summer’s website (which I love and am very happy with), and this post I wrote for Camp Thirlby about why I started Give with us. Check them both out, maybe, if you want, please.

We recommend…

🎶 Songs that Make People Happy

A month or so ago I had the realization that listening to Mitski was actually making me more depressed, if you can believe it! I turned to nostalgia & pop punk for a bit, but you can only scream along to Paramore for so many weeks before you just get sad about how Hayley Williams doesn’t get the credit she deserves. So, I asked folks on Instagram to send me songs that make them happy. This playlist is the result of that. There are also a few songs on there that weren’t recommendations from other people, try to guess which ones! I appreciate everyone who sent me a song—minus my cousin and friend who sent in “Baby Shark” because that’s ridiculous—my body will fight immense anxiety & depression another day because of you.


🍽️ Samin’s focaccia recipe

I have never made focaccia before, but last week I watched that Bon Appetit video where Brad makes focaccia with Samin Nosrat and I was like, “Oh I need to try that.” Turns out it is not that hard to make! (As long as you have 14 hours to let the dough ferment before you bake it.) I made it last weekend for Easter using Samin’s recipe and it tasted amazing, thank you very much.


📖 Arab American Poetry

It’s been a while (?) since I’ve given a literary recommendation, so here’s a giant thread of poems by Arab Americans to celebrate National Poetry Month AND Arab American Heritage Month! Lena Khalaf Tuffaha, a poet I love dearly, has been posting a poem every day by a different Arab American. Follow her for poems & archive!!!!


💡 Keap candle subscription

I wish I had enough self control not to spend lots of money on candles, but I do not, unfortunately. I like fancy candles, and I like to burn through them very fast by lighting them every single night. It’s a curse! Anyway, this candle subscription service is perfect for me (and maybe you, if your brain is broken like mine is)—a new candle every month!!!! And I don’t even have to think about it!!!! I love it. End of story.