Letter 11

April 11, 2019

Notes from Summer: I AM IN HOUSTON! This week I am competing in my first CUPSI (and last, farewell college). In other poems news: I have two pieces in the newest issue of FlyPaper Magazine—take a look 😎

Notes from Jillian: I’m sorry, but I’m making the executive decision that we get to stop naming these newsletters. Numbers only from now on! Naming things is too hard! Anyway, lately I’ve been working on SNAX again after a long hiatus, which feels really good. Not to be thirsty, but follow @snaxreport on Instagram if you love me.

We recommend…

📺 Polygon’s Unraveled

I love video games & I love video game lore & I love ridiculously deep looks into things not often deemed valuable enough to think that much about. Brian David Gilbert is fucking hilarious and absolutely endearing. I’ve found myself in many bad places the past few months and watching these videos has never not made me smile; start with one that goes into a game you’ve played!


📱 The Pattern

Look, I love Co-Star as much as the next person. But Laura told me about another app, The Pattern, that uses your birth chart to lovingly drag every aspect of your life and your relationships and it’s really next-level. Also, there’s no mention of any planets or zodiac signs in the whole app—so if you want horoscopes that don’t feel like horoscopes, you’ll love it. (P.S. add me as a friend!)


🎶 closegood

closegood is a trip hop duo composed of two members, Nyfe and Amada. They recently came out with an album, GRAVEN. Their lyrics are fucking amazing and everything is so well-produced. Stream them on Spotify!


🎉 Pop Up Grocer

If you’re in NYC and love snacks, you have to go. Pop Up Grocer opened last weekend and is full of tons of yummy snacks and drinks—plus cute merch and food-related zines. Basically my paradise.