Letter 10

March 28, 2019

Notes from Summer: I am on my last spring break ever! Spending it writing my thesis, memorizing poems, and playing the My Hero Academia video game. I have some poems coming out this weekend, so keep an eye out on Twitter!

Notes from Jillian: This is a very exciting week for me, because something I’ve been working on for months has finally been put out into the world, and I’m so so so so happy with it. Give with us is a website I put together for shoppers to connect with people who are donating money they get from affiliate links to different organizations every month. Please take a look + share if you love me!!!

We recommend…

🎶 Hozier Covers

YES, Hozier just came out with a new album, YES I am listening to it a lot, BUT hear me out: covers are really, really fun. When I saw him in Oakland in October of last year, his encore song was “Say My Name,” which you can now listen to on Spotify and I’d never felt such a strong sense of endearment. BBC Radio did a live lounge session with him where he sang “Do I Wanna Know” by Arctic Monkeys and honestly? I’ve ascended! Check out a playlist of his covers here. (Definitely want to flag the cover of “We Are Young” as well!)


🎙️ Your podcast recommendations

I recently did a tweet asking for podcast recommendations, because I realized that so many of the podcasts I listen to are hosted by men and I wanted to fix that. This thread is full of incredible recommendations for women-hosted podcasts, several of which I’m already in love with.


🎙 Say More

This podcast, hosted by poets Melissa-Lozada Oliva & Olivia Gatwood, is basically if you recorded your conversations with your best friend, with the caveat that you and your friend are actually as witty and eloquent as you think you are. I love their poems & I love their fun. Listen here.


🔗 Laustrology

My beautiful and talented friend Laura just launched her astrology website! I’ve been bugging her to let me work on this with her forever, it feels like (ever since she wrote horoscopes for my college magazine a few years ago) and I’m so happy with the way it turned out. Read her love letter to Aries season here.